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At Stardust, we believe in quality, we hand select all the diamonds that goes into every piece. Ensuring that they are top in colour, clarity and cuts; providing the brightest stones for every piece.

All white diamonds used are graded between D to F colour and nothing beyond. In terms of Clarity, all diamonds are within the VVS to VS range. 

Coloured Diamonds are selected for their unique colourings, their clarity and their cut; providing maximum sparkle and shine.


Both Natural and Lab Grown sustainable diamonds are available at Stardust and will be clearly stated as such. 

Some design pieces with larger diamonds may come with certification and will be stated prior to purchase. Certification may vary between GIA or IGI certification depending on the diamond sourced and will not guaranteed to be one or the other unless this is specified before purchase; prices may also vary if a specific certification is requested. 


Our Materials

Diamond Colour D - F Diamond Qualities VVS-VS 18K Solid Gold


All Stardust jewellery are made with 18K solid gold, not to be mistaken for gold plated or vermeil. 18K gold is the choice of gold at Stardust for its brilliant colour and a sustainable structure that  will endure frequent wear for years to come.

18K gold contains 75% gold amongst other metals, commonly palladium, silver and copper to provide a harder and more durable structure that will with stand the test of time compared to 24K gold. 

Every Stardust piece is stamped with 750 hallmark ensuring your piece is made with 18K gold. It also consist of Stardust own logo, to ensure you that it is up to our Stardust standard; every piece handcrafted locally in Hong Kong.

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