Production Time

Your custom piece of Stardust jewellery will require 21 days of production. It is uniquely made and meticulously hand crafted in Hong Kong for you with intention. 

21 is a powerful number that represents spiritual growth, positivity and new beginnings; bringing upon spiritual harmony. Which is exactly what we intend for with each Stardust piece, bringing to you harmony, positivity and newness.

1 is the number of the sun (Surya) and 2 the number of the moon (Chandra), together balancing the masculine and the feminine energy.

 In 21 consecutive days we are also able to rewire our neural pathway by consciously choosing and accepting a new perception through repetition. 

May every piece of Stardust jewellery inspire you with a new intention to create new perceptions, new possibilities and new opportunities; to find joy, harmony, peace, strength, equanimity or whatever it is your hearts desire.

Although we strive to produce your custom, handcrafted product within 21 days, the artisanal nature of our production process may occasionally result in potential delays. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of any such developments and work diligently to minimize any inconvenience caused.