What is Stardust?

Stardust is a feeling, an impression of romance, magic and ethereality

97% of the human body consists of stardust. We are made of stardust from old supernovas

The burning inside a star creates energy and this energy allows our Stars to stay in equilibrium with gravity. 

We often hear the saying of wishing upon a star when truly the stars were not just amongst us but within us. At stardust, we believe that like stars, we were all created to shine, uniquely different but harmoniously together. 

Each and everyone of us consist of all the elements to create whatever we dream of, allowing  the fire within our centre to give us grounding to stay equanimous, to provide us with fuel to accomplish our desires with a passionate fire. 

Your unique expression of self, to stay kind, to love and to stay true to you. 

Grow with Me

Growth is not linear, there will be days of ups and days of down but cultivating awareness is knowing that all days are passing and as long as we commit to the growth, there're no doubts that we will do just that."

At Stardust, every detail is well thought out, with intention and purpose.

Our logo font; Abhaya Libre chosen meticulously with unspoken power.

Abhaya is the Sanskrit word for Fearlessness and “Libre” is Free.

The Abhaya mudra, is the hand mudra of the Buddha. A mudra for emotional balance, strength and courage; it offers a sense of peace and deep inner security.

Setting the very intention that every Stardust owner will live with fearlessness and freedom. Free to express, to create, to be aligned with their true self without fear. Because you are unique, you have always been, allow your inner light to guide you, to shine.

Your inspiration, your power and your reminder that you are who you wish to be, there are no limits.